Botanical Ingredient Round-Up

Botanical Ingredient Round-Up

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The Power Of Botanicals In Your Hair Care

Rosehip, spirulina, calendula, chamomile, black pepper, and more—learn about the botanical ingredients featured in each of our formulas.

Conscia hair care products are made with purposeful botanical and mineral ingredients combined in potent formulas to get to the root of healthy hair and achieve holistic health for your hair, scalp, and mind.

Here are a few of the key botanical ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner stones, each selected for its unique properties and benefits.


  • Pomegranate - Aids the skin healing process with vitamin K while supporting the skin barrier, promoting hair growth, and protecting from hair loss.
  • Lavender - Has antimicrobial properties that help improve blood circulation and shield the scalp against bacteria. It strengthens hair follicles while softening strands.


  • Camu Camu - Promotes collagen synthesis which leads to stronger, healthier, and faster-growing hair.
  • Spirulina - Contains proteins and essential amino acids, the building blocks of each hair strand.  Spirulina is also naturally high in iron which boosts circulation and carries oxygen to the hair root, helping hair to grow faster and longer.


  • Brahmi - Strengthens and thickens the hair (an herb frequently used in Ayurvedic medicine), which binds to the proteins in the hair shaft and helps to prevent split ends.
  • Calendula - Contains antioxidants that promote stronger, thicker hair follicles. With regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, Calendula encourages a healthier scalp.


  • Bamboo - Provides gentle exfoliation, and with a large concentration of biotin, it works to strengthen, repair, and grow hair.
  • Chamomile - Anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins C, E, and antioxidants - it fights free radical damage and protects the hair from pollution, UV rays, sun, and heat.


  • Black pepper - Helps the strands maintain moisture while removing excess oils and revitalizing the hair’s shine.
  • Willow Bark - A natural source of Salicylic acid, which exfoliates the scalp and provides anti-microbial benefits. 

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