Sensitive or Irritated Scalp

Sensitive or Irritated Scalp

Soothe your skin and scalp with our gentlest formula free from irritants, allergens, and essential oils.
Sensitive Lapis Shampoo Sensitive Lapis Shampoo
Sensitive Lapis Shampoo
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Sensitive Resina Conditioner Sensitive Resina Conditioner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Natural ingredients have vitamins and nutrients that our scalp needs for a balanced microbiome, which in turn creates healthy hair. Green chemistry enhances these natural ingredients to achieve the performance quality of synthetic ingredients—yet without being harsh on the scalp and stripping it of its own oils, which is what often causes inflammation.

Simply place your stone on a soap dish with drainage for daily in-shower use. Ideally, keep stones away from spraying and pooling water, or store outside of the shower. If the stone is on a flat bottom surface, it will hold standing water and make the stone turn mushy. Best to air the stone out in between washes. Soon we will have our unique vessel ready to share!

For best results when traveling, air dry Conscia products as much as possible. Pat stones dry with any cloth, then stow in the hemp cloth you received at purchase. Hemp cloth is antimicrobial, and therefore very safe to reuse.

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Conscia products combine ancient wisdom and modern science, using artisanal, natural, high-performance ingredients. Made without water or plastic packaging. Preserving our health and our planet.