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Conscia elevates the experience of hair care by focusing on total head wellness—not just hair but also scalp and mind.

Creating artful, sensual products that combine ancient wisdom and modern science, using artisanal, natural, high-performance ingredients. Made without water or plastic. Preserving our health and our planet.

Offering new rituals for a more immersive, holistic experience. Connecting us to our roots—past, present and future.

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Our Impact

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Washing your hair is a ritual. For some, a daily ritual. We pay close attention to every aspect of this important self-care practice. Our shampoo and conditioning stones are completely natural, zero waste, one-of-a-kind handcrafted objects designed with a luxurious sensory experience in mind. They fit perfectly in your palm, look beautiful in your bathroom, and smell like nature itself.

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No soap, no fillers, no synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrance, not even water goes into our formulas. Believe it or not, water makes up 90% of liquid shampoos, an unnecessary waste of our precious natural resource. And compared to a typical shampoo, Conscia’s concentrated, water-free stones are half the size and last three times as long. It costs more to make our products, but we will always put the environment and your head’s health first.


Your hair is only part of the equation. The scalp is a breathing organism—a microbiome— just like the skin. It needs the same (if not more) nutrients as the face and acts as a gateway to the body. We also believe that positive self-care rituals, such as scalp massage and the healing effects of the aromatic essential oils in our formulas, can vastly improve mental wellbeing.

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Our products bear in mind many different hair fabrics and embrace all ages, genders and pronouns. We target specific hair and scalp needs while remaining inclusive in our approach, and aim to deliver the best products to suit your individual needs.

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We believe there should be a “why” behind every ingredient. Our nourishing products are formulated with the highest grade natural botanicals, butters and oils, aimed at restoring rather than stripping, to get to the root of healthy hair.

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Beyond the individual, Conscia is committed to educating stockists, stylists and consumers about the benefits of our nutrient-rich ingredients and eco-friendly practices, paving a collective path towards total head wellness and mindful living.

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We use hemp cloth to wrap our hair stones, inspired by the traditional Japanese practice of furoshiki, and each stone is identified with a seeded, paper band that will grow wildflowers. The entirety of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable, free of virgin paper and, naturally, plastic free.

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Our shampoo and conditioner stones are handmade in small batches in our founder’s converted garage turned laboratory using nature-derived ingredients from local growers and producers in her home state of Oregon. We support eco-minded, family-owned suppliers when we can and all of our suppliers align with our impact values and keep Conscia’s carbon footprint in check.


We never test on animals and will not work with suppliers who do. Our hair products are tested only on ourselves, while also being 100 percent vegan and gluten free.