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Botanicals for Your Hair, Scalp, and Mind

The Power of Botanicals in Your Hair Care

Rosehip, spirulina, calendula, chamomile, black pepper, and more—learn about the botanical ingredients featured in each of our formulas.

The Mother - The Nurturer

Nicole Reflects on Motherhood

As a female-founded business, we strive to empower and uplift other women. Join Conscia Founder Nicole as she reflects on motherhood.

Earth Month 2023

Invest In Our Planet With Mindful Rituals

We calculated Conscia’s impact in terms of how much water was saved and how many plastic bottles were avoided in 2022.

Honesty & Grace

Conscia's 2023 Guideposts

If you know us well, you’ll know that we’re both wannabe amateur astrologers.  We spend a lot of time reading books, listening to podcasts, and researching our own astrological charts as a way to understand both ourselves and the world better...

Algae Queen

The Botanist Who Paved the Path for Photography

The 19th-century British photographer Anna Atkins is considered the woman who made the world's first photobook, though she largely earned that recognition posthumously.

Inside The Conscia Lab

Co-Founder Nicole Brown On Making Hair Stones

Hint: It’s a lot like baking.

When running her former salon in San Francisco, Nicole
was on a constant quest for products that were both
eco-friendly and high performance...

Water Spoke To Me

In Dialogue With Photographer Denisse Ariana Pérez

Barcelona-based photographer Denisse Ariana Pérez brings an anthropological rigor to her pursuit of people, looking at issues of race, gender, identity and subculture…


Conscia Life reflects our desire to build a conscious lifestyle that extends beyond our hair care brand. It’s where we tell stories that inspire, educate and highlight issues, offering a richer connection between self care and the natural world, between wellness and social culture, and between the today and tomorrow we all share.