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Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Full or petite size shampoo and conditioner set in formula of your choice.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Joan Cruzen
You’ve waited long enough , go and get some

I first came upon the Conscia line of hair care products at a holiday market in Portland two years ago and though tempted , had to pass as my shopping budget was set for specific items on my gift list ( in hindsight, these would make fantastic presents!). I appreciated the knowledge and suggestions shared that evening by owner and kept this company in mind as their overall no waste philosophy was in step with my own goals . Thank you for the choice and for making the difference!

Fast forward to this winter , I finally placed an order ( the bonus offer was too enticing to pass up ) and was looking forward to trying both the solid shampoo and conditioner “ stones “. So very glad to have made that decision ( finally!) as I could not be more pleased with my purchases . Soon as I opened the parcel , I was immersed in the most gorgeous uplifting ,yet also , calming scent ! I

I ordered the Hydrate set which was packaged well and beautifully presented . Very pleasing to see such care was given with thoughtful regard to no waste.
And from the very first use of this set , my hair has responded so well that I am truly surprised .
I wash my hair once a week (am more a soak-in-the-tub person ). It is quite the relaxing slower ritual to move the stone around onto my hair and not rush the washing as like before with a liquid shampoo . I noticed my hair felt healthier ( and not weighted ?) even while it was drying . Here’s the thing too. I literally have had at least four women come up to me over the last two months to tell me how much they love my hair ( wow, was so nice of them as each time would be so random ) . That had not happened before so I expect and credit the Conscia hair set was keeping my hair looking healthy . So thank you Conscia for your lovely products and also for the action awareness of any environmental impact

martha McDowell
Love them

I haven’t had a chance to use mine yet . My sister thought raved about how she loved them and had been concerned it wouldn’t work well on her all gray hair . They worked like a charm.

Best shampoo of my life

I admit I was skeptical but I'm completely converted. I have very fine hair that gets oily and I work out daily so it's been really hard to get to a point where I'm not washing my hair every day. Literally took years and tons of dry shampoo to get to every other day. I've used the hydrate shampoo and the heal conditioner petite stones and my hair feels and looks better than it ever has in my life. I am so impressed. Smells amazing and I don't have to use dry shampoo any more. I'm excited to get a full size stone next. I love these!

Alex Lanius
great set

Just used these for the first time today and so far so good. Takes a bit to get them going and hair lathered with these stones but as expected based on other reviews here. It doesn't suds up the same way a regular liquid shampoo would but you can still feel a slight difference once you've got it lathered in so that you know it's working and you've got it in your hair. The smell is a nice natural smell, I like it. Happy to be using these for eco conscious reasons but also because I feel like my hair needs to some help these days. I ordered the fortify sample set but am inclined to try others as well once I get through these a bit- I have wavy/curly, frizzy hair and am hoping to dial down the frizz and hydrate some more. After this first wash, my hair is significantly less frizzy already and my curls are holding nicely with leave in product on top of this shampoo and conditioner.

Simply The Best!

This is the best bar/solid shampoo and conditioner that I’ve ever used! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and my hair and scalp feel great. I tend to get scalp buildup really easily and I have very sensitive skin, added fragrances and parabens really make my scalp react.

I have the sensitive set and a fortify conditoner. The fortify feels very hydrating and has a light, earthy, spicy scent. The sensitive is great for everyday and doesn’t have a lingering scent. Contrary to the zeitgeist, I wash my hair nearly every day and the sensitive is cleansing without being harsh.

I discovered the bars from Erin Boyle’s blog, Reading My Tea Leaves. Great recommendation and don’t hesitate to try these stones!